A fascinating themed walking tour in Old Rauma

Join the guided walking tour in Old Rauma

Rauma, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

You can get to know the unique features of Old Rauma in more detail with guided theme tours.

Please note that only one guided tour is in English.

On Saturday 10.7. is the historical tour of lady Hilda - the sailor's lonely wife. The ship left Rauma and sailed to the international waters. Hilda waves to her husband at the seaside. Heartbroken. On this tour we can understand what city looked like and what people did 150 years ago.

Book tickets for the theme or character guide of your choice:
3.7. theme tour: Art works by artist Kerttu Horila (in Finnish)
10.7. tour by character guide: Sailor´s Lonely wife (in English)
17.7. tour by character guide: Mrs. Catherine Westerling (in Finnish)
24.7. themed tour: Houses tell stories (in Finnish)
31.7. tour by character guide: Mrs. Söderlund (in Finnish)
7.8. thematic tour: Alfred Kordelin (in Finnish)
14.8. tour by character guide: With Ida in Old Rauma (in Finnish)
21.8. theme tour: Hj. Nortamo (in Finnish)
28.8. tour by character guide: Mrs. Catherine Westerling (in Finnish)

The price is 10 €/person (free for children under 15).

Upcoming events

20 spots available

20 spots available

20 spots available

3 people are going

20 spots available


The tour is an walking tour. Dress according to weather and wear comfortable shoes.




Oikein mukava talvinen kierros. Kauniita taloja ja elävää historiaa.


Hyvä ja informatiivinen kierros. Olisimme ehkä kaivanneet lisätietoa arkkitehtuurista.


Ihana paikka hyvä opas!


Loistava opastus. Sateesta (ilman varjoa) huolimatta koko kierros läpi nimenomaan loistavan opastuksen ansiosta.


Asiantunteva opas, selkeä esitys, mielenkiintoinen kierros!

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