Silent paths of Sammallahdenmäki

Sense Finnish nature and get to know a world heritage site.

Rauma, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
20 spots per experience
April - November

What are we going to do

During the guided tour you will explore the unique burial area of ​​Sammallahdenmäki. Sammallahdenmäki was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999 as the most representative western bronze culture in Finland and whole Scandinavia.
In the tour we can also enjoy the peace of finnish nature and we experience Sammallahdenmäki with all senses. The tour includes sensory training and relaxation.

Did you know that even a moment in nature cares for your body and mind. Time spent in nature has been shown to have many health effects. For example, as early as 5 minutes in the nature, improved mood and positive emotions, reduced levels of stress hormone and decreased heart rate.

Please note that general rounds require 4 people.

If you wish, you can book your own private tour for yourself / your family / group. The tour will be tailored to your wishes. The price is 55 €/h or 70 €/1,5h. The maximum group size is 20 people.

NOTE! I have a sound amplifier in use if necessary and during the round we are able to maintain suitable safety distances. Please note that guided tours are not allowed if you are ill.

About Suvi - the Doer

I am authorized Rauma Guide. I like to organize guided tours of the World Heritage Sites of Rauma, Sammallahdenmäki and Old Rauma. Nature is an important and sedative environment for me.

Upcoming events

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Language: Finnish


The route is about 3 kilometers long. We walk along rocky and wooded paths. Good shoes and weatherproof clothing. Bring your own bottle of water if you want.




Elämyksellinen seikkailu kaikenikäisille! Hyvät tarinat ja tunnelmallinen vanha Rauma


Tapani ja Verneri. Kummitusreissu oli kiva ei ollut pelottava, peltihirviö sana oli osuva kummitustarinaan. Molemmat tykättiin kovasti.


Hieno retki. Kiitos. Janne ja Eino ,👍👍


Lapset olivat kuulemma pitäneet, ja etenkin päivänsankarille oli eryisen mieleinen ja kiinnostava!
Kiitos Suvi 👻
Lapset, minä ja vaari saimme kokea hienon elämyksen Vanhassa Raumassa ✨

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