Crimes in Rauma

Hear about real crimes in the history of Rauma!

Rauma, Finland
Available in Finnish
1 hour 30 minutes
25 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Do you know who were Kirves Kale and Kanaali Koskinen? Do you know what happened on May Day 1966?

The tour starts from Rauma Square, in front of the Old Town Hall. During the tour, you will be walk to crime-related places in the area of ​​Old Rauma and the city center. The tour is about 3 km long.

The recommended age limit for the tour is 15 years.

Registration for the tour is binding.

About Suvi - the Doer

I am authorized Rauma and Eurajoki Guide. I like to organize guided tours of the World Heritage Sites of Rauma, Sammallahdenmäki and Old Rauma.


Dress appropriately and put on shoes that are good for walking. In summer a bottle of water may be necessary.




Kivasti toteutettu, lapsille sopiva kierros. Oli myös paljon sellaista tietoa, mikä oli raumalaisillekin uutta. Kiitos!


Mielenkiintoinen kierros, jäämme odottamaan jatkoa.
T:Taru ja Pasi


Oli hyvä. Opin uutta. Odotan uutta kierrosta


Kiitos kierroksesta, antoi uuden näkökulman Rauman historiaan ja lapsi tykkäsi, mikä oli tietysti pääasia 😊

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