Rauma private tour

Rauma history fun facts

Rauma, Finland
Available in Finnish, English, Estonian and Russian
1 hour
15 spots per experience

What are we going to do

I am a licensed tour guide, but I promise, it will not be a boring history tour! It is the fun facts and stories that take you to the past of life in Rauma.

Start of the tour at Pyhän Ristin kirkko / The Holy Cross Church. Address: Luostarinkatu 1

TICKET: The 1 hour old town tour costs 12 EUR (minimum 10 participants or 120 eur per tour)

We go in any weather and regardless of how many people attend.

About Rauma guide Kairi - the Doer

A licensed tour guide helps to spend a memorable relaxed time in a small wooden town of Finland. You do not want this to be a history class, but you want all the fun details from the past.

I bring you to the life it was 100 years ago. Imagine living the life of a seaman's wife. Raising the kids alone for many many years. How do you manage financially? What is your day like without an electricity? I mix the past and present, to get you there.

I was a tour guide in Tallinn, Estonia over 20 years ago. After graduating the university, I did a lot of cooperation with businesses and finally moved to live in Rauma because of my family.

I want to concentrate to only what is important. What makes me and you feel good about this day. We can be spontaneous. If it rains, we explore the city indoors. We meet and talk to other local people. We drive around on a car, if you are tired.

I am an authorized Rauma tour guide. It took me a year to study Rauma history, dates, houses, monuments and business life. But I am especially fond of old pictures and people in there.

As a foreigner I see what is different compared to other countries, other nationalities. As a former journalist, I know how to put these thoughts into words.

I have a car (and a taxi bus with a driver on request).
I can guide in several languages and I have a microphone on request.


Have an open mind and smile with you

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