Old Rauma Ghost Tour

Find out the darkest secrets of Old Rauma – if you dare!

Rauma, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 15 minutes
25 spots per experience
Group discounts available

What are we going to do

Which is the most haunted street in Old Rauma? Who climbs the creaking steps of Rauma Art Museum after closing? Why do the church bells ring at odd times?

If you're brave enough to find out, Old Rauma Ghost Tours are also available in English! 👻

As one of the oldest medieval towns in Finland, Rauma has a long and dramatic history of disastrous fires, deadly diseases and devastating destinies. During the Old Rauma Ghost Walk, you'll learn what the wooden houses of this Unesco-listed old town truly hide inside their walls through authentic stories and events.

On this ghost walk, we'll explore the secret courtyards, rambling cobbled streets and dark footpaths of Old Rauma. Make sure to wear comfortable flat shoes, dress up according to the weather and take plenty of courage with you – and feel free to wish the night's sleep a farewell.

You'll be led to the dark side of Old Rauma by Saana, a scary local guide, ghost expert and the co-writer of Ghosts of Rauma – Haunted Tales from the City of Lace (Haamu, 2021). Saana has spent years investigating and searching for true stories about haunted houses and residents who could never leave Old Rauma behind.

Old Rauma Ghost Tours start from the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity. You'll find the church ruins at the edge of Kalatori Square in Old Rauma (see the map at the bottom of the page).

Please note that the recommended age limit for the tour is 12 years.

You can also book a private ghost tour for your group starting from 240 €. VAT 24 %).

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TIP: Make your ghostly trip complete by purchasing our spooky travel guidebook Ghosts of Rauma - Haunted Tales from the City of Lace. Please get in touch with Saana for further details either via message or email: saana@sandria.fi.

About Saana - the Doer

Boo! I'm your local guide, Saana – a professional writer and storyteller, local guide and Rauma's very own ghost expert. I started investigating the unexplained events of Rauma in 2018, and I haven't been able to look back since. I want to share my scary findings with you, and this is what Old Rauma Ghost Tours are for.

I'm the co-writer of Ghosts of Rauma – Haunted Tales from the City of Lace (Haamu, 2021). If you wish to purchase the signed book, don't hesitate to contact Saana either by direct message or email (saana @ sandria.fi).

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Language: Finnish

25 spots available
Language: English · 🇬🇧 This ghost walk is in English only. Huomaathan, että tämä kummituskierros on englanninkielinen.

25 spots available
Language: Finnish


Accessibility information:

On this ghost tour, we'll walk along the cobbled streets of Old Rauma. During our 1,3 km journey, we'll visit gravel-covered courtyards, sandy roads and a small trail along the Rauma river. Please see the photos on this page to better understand our route. Due to the cobbled streets, this ghost walk may not be fully accessible for people with mobility impairments.

Clothing: Make sure to wear comfortable, flat shoes, dress up according to the weather and take plenty of courage with you – and feel free to wish your night's sleep a farewell.

Please note that the recommended age limit for the tour is 12 years.




Museolla oli vähän oma fiiliksensä. Ehkä myös sillä peipolla, joka päätti lähteä lentämään pimeään. Outo juttu.


Thanks for the wonderful ghostly tour. Thanks Saana. Liked the way you carry your costume and the atmosphere around you.
Experienced some activities going on around just added to the scary night walk.
Saana Saana Thanks so much for your feedback, Aulibh. Old Rauma is indeed a spookily great destination for an exciting evening walk as you can never know what happens next! 👻 Great to hear you enjoyed our little walk.


Amazing tour and worth every penny!! And Saana was telling the stories so well and kept everyone on edge through the whole walk! I can warmly recommend this for everyone ❤
Saana Saana Thank you for your feedback, Minna. I'm hauntingly happy to hear you enjoyed our little evening walk and felt it was worth a bit of travelling. Hope to see you back in Rauma soon... If you still dare to visit! 👻


Hieno kurkistus historiaan ja niihin karmivimpiinkin tarinoihin. Suositukset ja isot kiitokset.
Saana Saana Selkäpiitä kutittelevan iso kiitos palautteesta ja suosituksista, Irene. Hyytävän hienoa kuulla, että pidit pienestä kävelyretkestämme. 👻


Kierros oli sopivan mittainen, Saanan esiintymistaito 10 +, sopivasti huumoria hyytävyyden keskellä. Todella mukava. Suosittelen lämpimästi ❤️
Saana Saana Karmivan isot kiitokset palautteestasi, Erja. Hirvittävän hienoa kuulla, että viihdyit kummituskierroksella. 👻