Get to know the secrets of bobbin lace making (only in Finnish)

Fall in love with the unique tradition of lace making!

Rauma Museum, Old Town Hall, Finland
Available in Finnish
30 minutes
5 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Would you like to know more about Rauma lace tradition and perhaps learn to make lace yourself? Lace making is considered a fascinating and mysterious skill that only a few master. Now you have an opportunity to explore this mystic skill and handicraft tradition on a guided tour in Old Town Hall Museum. During the guided tour, you will learn the basics of lace making technique and try out lace making yourself. We will take care of your safety during the tour by using face masks and keeping a safety distance of more than 2 meters.

Price of the guided tour is 15 euros per person. The price includes an entrance fee to Rauma museum’s Old Town Hall, a guide fee, and a small lace-themed souvenier from the Museum shop Kistupuad. The tour is free of charge for children under 18.


At this museum site, we follow current guidelines given by the city of Rauma to prevent the speading of corona virus. Please, visit only when healthy and heed the following instructions during your visit: Everyone over 12 years old should wear a mask during the visit. Please, use hand sanitizer when you arrive and when you leave. Keep a safety distance of over 2 meters to the museum staff and to other visitors. Thank you for caring!






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