Karelian Sauna Ceremony and Evening by the Fire


Rantatie (Koli), Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Danish
3 hours
8 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Welcome to Koli and to a traditional smoke sauna by the best lakeside scenery! We invite you to by a fire and to the warmth of the smoke sauna! We bring you our best North Karelian herbs, our most beautiful smiles and gentle sauna steam.

The purpose is to give your body, mind, and heart the opportunity for complete relaxation. We cleanse ourselves in smoke sauna and receive the care of traditional herbs.
We start with the silence. We ignite our fire, and invite our Karelian ancestors, elves, and nature spirits to be with us. We give thanks to the fire for the past day and for our life. We enhance life towards the new steps, and calm the mind.

Great joy rises in the midst of peace. As our minds, souls and hearts breathe the peace of nature, a light smile begins to emerge. The bubbling joy of the heart manifests in our hearts when we truly dare to open ourselves to the presence of sauna steam. The sauna elves invite you to take a sauna and enjoy Jenni’s and Helena’s herbal treatments and non-alcoholic magic drinks. The name of the magic potion is only revealed by fire. Other secrets and surprises are also promised to anyone who arrives.

Karelian smoke sauna ceremony:

We bring the best herbs from North Karelia to the sauna, and we do herbal treatments. We let our whole body and soul release and relax. This is what we have been waiting for! You will be treated by two North Karelian folk healers in an old smoke sauna. Just rest on your linen towel, and calm down to your own balance. In the smoke sauna ceremony, everything is prepared starting from the water we throw to the sauna rocks for the steam. We open the sauna with relevant spells and songs. We leave a lot to the magic.

We appropriately give thanks to the sauna elf in the smoke sauna for warm, steam water, and food.

About Karhun Talo / House of the Bear - the Doer

Jenni Örn:
I am a North Karelian herbalist and a dreamer. My life work is to guide people to use natural plants and herbs in different ways. I have studied herbal therapy, as well as flower therapy and various intuitive herbal medicine methods. I am currently studying Chinese medicine or energy medicine. The greatest teachers for me have been plants and nature itself. In my work, the most important thing for me is to help strengthen connection between human beings and the living environment, and thereby strengthen the connection to ourselves. I want to encourage everyone to use their creative power with courage.
More information: https://jenniorn.com/

Helena Karhu:
I am a native North Karelian folklore teacher, community educator, and twin mother. In my company House of the Bear, I want to share about the wisdom culture of my ancestors, and to bring people close to nature. I am writing a PhD study on Nordic shamanism at the University of Eastern Finland. Before returning back to my ancestral lands, I lived more than 13 years in Copenhagen, and I have also lived in Greenland and Alaska. The spirit of the Nordic ancestors and nature invite me to tell more about the nature of the North, the original shamanistic tradition, and to combine archaic methods and the possibilities of contemporary culture. More information: https://www.karhuntalo.com/karhu


The program is suitable for everyone. Children and young people can also come with their parents. Please notice that the program is completely non-alcoholic, and it is not appropriate to bring alcoholic beverages to this sauna ceremony. Thank you!




Aivan uskomattoman hieno tilaisuus ❤️ En ollut koskaan rummuttanut porukassa, mutta täällä tunnelma vei heti mennessään ja vanhan salin tila oli paikkana täydellinen. Villa Oraksen upea miljöö, ihanat vetäjät ja mikä tietämys 🙏

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