Kantele work shop with Sari Kaasinen

Learning how to play Finnish national instrument, kantele.

Rääkkylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
25 spots per experience
June - December
Regular price: 65 €
Children: 30 €

What are we going to do

You are warmly welcome to visit our Carelian culture home! Everything You need in work shop (the instrument), is ready for you. You just come and enjoy!
In one hour work shop you will learn how to play 5-string kantele and hear the short history of the instrument. At the end of the work shop You are ready to get a "Kantele-master" diplom!
You will also have an opportunity to buy an own instrument (Koistinen kantele Easy wing 5 or Wing 5).
Addition to all this it is also possible to order and enjoy outdoor fish soup lunch (25€/adult, 15€/child) and/or coffee or tea with home made berry pie (10€/5€) and enjoy the lake wiew.
We wish to meet You soon!

About Sari - the Doer

I'm Finnish singer, folk musician and artist and living back in my home willage, Rääkkylä. This willage is also home of the best known and most popular Finnish folk music band Värttinä and Folk music festival Kihaus.
My home is situated by the lake Saimaa and surrounded by beautiful pine forest. I've visited my sand beach as a child, and now I'm so happy to live here.
I wanted to open my culture home to all visitors who are interested in Finnish culture, music, Carelian traditions and the history of Värttinä.
My main instrument is Finnish national instrument kantele. The sound of the instrument is unique and the best mindfulness meditation for me is to play kantele - and sitting on a shore, of cuorse.
I love Carelian traditions and art. My mother made me a art trail - and all our visitors are also welcome to see her environmental art.
You are warmly welcome to visit me here in Villa Ruusula!


Everybody can join to our kantele work shop.

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