Meditative kantele playing with yin yoga

Playing kantele in lovely Saimaa nature is real mindfulness

Rääkkylä, Finland
Available in Finnish
48 hours
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Welcome to the Soul Tones Retreat!
Get to know the kantele, the traditional Finnish instrument in very meditative and deep way. Our course is going to be held in Rääkkylä, in the arms of Lake Saimaa, in the soothing energy of a pine forest. In the course, we learn the basics of playing, enjoy the beauty of the tunes in kantele-mindfulness exercises, and make a relaxing sound journey that combines sound bowl with kantele harmonies. We treat ourselves with gentle yin yoga in easy morning exercises. We enjoy the amazing nature, sauna and good company.
You can come to this course without having any previous experience in kantele, or in other instrument playing or yoga. Experienced teachers Sari Kaasinen and Pinja Sointu will take care of you throughout the weekend. You also don’t need your own musical instrument or yoga equipment.
We will start Soul Tones on Friday 15.10. at 6pm and we will close them on Sunday 17.10. 14 o'clock.
The retreat is going to be held in Kulttuurikoti Villa Ruusula in Rääkkylä, which is a cultural center founded by Sari Kaasinen. Villa Ruusula near the shores of Lake Saimaa, surrounded by a steep pine forest.
Sari Kaasinen is the founder of the Värttinä ensemble, well known specialist in folk music and tradition, and a PhD of music. With Sari's professional guidance, you will get to know the basics of playing the kantele.
Pinja Sointu is a yoga teacher, sound bowl healer and holistic wellness professional. Pinja guides you to soothing and gentle yin yoga and leads you into the world of sound bowls.
The price of the retreat is 399 e, including teaching, accomodation (all inclusive), sauna and much more.

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