Honey bee safari

Learn about organic bee-keeping.

Rääkkylä, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
2 hours
6 spots per experience
June - August
Regular price: 75 €
Children: 40 €

What are we going to do

Welcome to The Honey Bee Safari to learn about organic bee-keeping in northern Saimaa Lakeland. With the protective gear provided, you will be able to have an inside look of a bee hive. Every worker bee has its own important task. With a bit of luck, you may even see the queen bee. In the surroundings, we will look for plants that provide the nectar needed by the bees.
In between, we will enjoy a picnic with some live music. You will also get a taste of the bee hive: honey from the honeycomb, pollens and propolis. You are also welcome to try bee drone larvae, if you feel brave enough. What is more you can hear about our organic farm and taste our juice made from our own berries which have been pollinated by our own bees.

About Jaana - the Doer

I am a beekeeper on an island in Northern lake Saimaa. The honey bees are important for food producers and they always surprise their keepers.


Fee covers guide, protective gear, honey tasting, picnic (including organic berry juice from our farm, bread, honey and a baked good) and a pot of local honey to take home.
On rainy and cool days, the bee hives can only be opened for a quick look. In that case, we will spend more time indoors studying what is found inside the hives and tasting the different bee products.
Bring your own wellies or other protective footwear.

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