Spending time on a private island in Lake Saimaa

Spending time on a private island alone or with your friends

Rääkkylä, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
48 hours
5 spots per experience
June - September
Regular price: 200 €
Children: 100 €

What are we going to do

A simple red log cottage (36 m2) situated in a small island in Lake Saimaa North Karelia. The cottage is the only one on the island. There is also a tiny sauna building and a tiny "aitta" where there is an extra bed. The sauna is warmed up with wood. There is a table outside where it is possible to clean the fish. There is also a small fireplace for barbecue. The cottage is family owned.

The small island is rocky and there are small paths in the small forest. You have to be quite nimble to be able to survive on the island. The island is also suitable for families with bigger children who are able to swim.

The prize includes a small motorboat, because there is 1,6 km to the parking place.

If you are interested of spending time on a private island alone or with the dearest people of yours fishing, listening the rippling and bird singing, having sauna and swimming in the Lake Saimaa just ask for our cottage for accommodation. If you are lucky enough you might even meet the neighbour, the Saimaa ringed seal, as some of our guests have done.

About Jaana - the Doer

On our organic family farm on a green Oravisalo-island of the Northern Lake Saimaa in Rääkkylä we produce pure Karelian organic strawberries and currants as well as organic bee honey.
We have also a cottage in an small island for accommodation. You can read more information: www.luomumansikka.fi


You have to be quite nimble and self-imposed to be able to survive on the island. Warm clothes are the best choice though sometimes in the summer it can be also warm days. Good shoes are also recommended. There are seldom mosquitoes on the small island but small ants may appear. Take some food and drink with you and all you need in a private island. Dogs and other pets are not allowed because the nature on the island is fragile.

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