Smoke Sauna with Winter Swim

Experience real Finnish Culture with us

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish, Chinese and Russian
2.5 hours
30 spots per experience
20€ / person
10€ / children
15€ / students

What are we going to do

Do you want to do traditional sauna and cold swimming? Come with your friends and family or just by yourself. Try some Finnish sports and of course sauna and winter swim in a local sea or lake. Enjoy Finland like the locals!

This is a very classic way to experience the winter&sauna&cold in Finland.

If you are up for an adventure, please ask more over the chat and book your #saunamoment.

About Finnish Emotions - the Doer

We have been running this small cozy winter swimming place with 3 different saunas, ice cold lake, and jacuzzi hot tub for 5 years and people are loving it!


Swimsuit and open mind, towels not required.



Absolutely loved this experience!
The provider has been serving the customers for a long time and everyone loves the service here. This is one of the favourites of local people!
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Finnish Emotions Thank you very much!