Cottage Visit with Family Dinner

Visit a Finnish Cottage

Available in Finnish, English, Spanish and bahasa Indonesia
4 hours
6 spots per experience
65€ / person
40€ / children

What are we going to do

Finns are very proud of their cottages. Almost everyone has an access to one, BUT for the foreigners it's often not that easy..

We'll have you visiting our family cottage and have a dinner with us. If the weather is nice, swimming in a lake and sauna is also possible.

About Finnish Emotions - the Doer

We are a Finnish family with two kids and a dog.


Tasting blueberry pie is required with the coffee!



My mum and I enjoyed a wonderful evening doing things we never would have found on our own. I would highly recommend your services! Cheers
The provider has been serving the customers for a long time and everyone loves the service here. This is one of the favourites of local people!
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Finnish Emotions Warm thanks!