Smoke sauna and winter swimming on Orivesi lake

Sauna elf heats an authentic Finnish smoke sauna

Puhos, Finland
Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and German
6 hours
12 spots per experience

What are we going to do

SMOKE SAUNA and a dip in the ice hole - relaxing well-being

The peat-roofed Smoke Sauna designed by Oiva Karjalainen is located in Kitee, Eastern Finland, in happy North Karelia. Our skillful sauna elf warms the smoke sauna ready for bathing. It requires several hours of heating, knowledge, and skill to heat just this smoke sauna and to make bathing as pleasant as possible. The smoke sauna is disposable and never heated further during bathing. The sauna elf makes sure that it is pleasant to go to the smoke sauna. The elf puts lights and candles on and takes care that bench covers and towels can be found on the sauna terrace. A large amount of stones in the stove enables a long-lasting sauna and gives a variety of gentle steams throughout the evening. Throw only hot or warm water into the stones of the stove and there will be enough steam for as long as possible. This smoke sauna has underfloor heating and a hand shower that provides both hot and cold water. There is a hair and body shampoo near the hand shower.

Wooden paths lead from the smoke sauna to the log dugout, which serves as a changing room and a place to spend the evening. The dugout is a unique and very comfortable log room built into the hill. There is nice to spend the evening. You can find there a long table, sofa bed, fireplace, a refrigerator, cold water from faucet and kitchen tops and a cupboard. The shutters in the dugout are openable and offer views to the lake Orivesi and to the evening sun. Next to the dugout is a wooden toilet with an approriate dry toilet.

Wooden paths to the other direction lead you to the pier. You can swim in the lake Orivesi around the year. It is not allowed to jump into the lake because there are rocks in the lake. The end of the pier is 2-2.5 meters deep. In winter you can swim in the ice hole because we keep the swimming area open with a pump. The lakeshore and pier are shared with potential tenants of the Main House.

The ideal group size is 8-12 people.

Smoke sauna evening cost € 295 and includes
- a smoke sauna heated by a sauna elf
- sauna time 6 hours from 18-24
- dugout 6 hours from 18-14 and firewood
- bench covers, shampoo
- swimming all year round

Reservations must be made no later than two days before the planned sauna evening. The reservation is confirmed by paying the price of the sauna evening.

Cancellation policy:
15-20 days before the sauna night, 90% refundable
8-14 days before the sauna night, 50% refundable
0-7 days before sauna night, no refund

About Lakeland Karelia - the Doer

Amazing nature! Because of nature and the strong four seasons, we live here in Eastern Finland. We have snowy winter and so strong ice cover of the lakes that you even can drive there by car.

There are lots of wide natural and unspoiled forests in Karelia. Finland’s legal concept of everyman’s right gives everyone the chance to enjoy outdoor pursuits, and the freedom of the country’s vast forests and fells, and many lakes and rivers, with few restrictions. Public access to private land is much wider in Finland than in most other countries. Read more:

People in the Karelia area are very friendly and welcoming and that’s why we wish you to join our life in Karelia. We believe that our guests respect our idea: Live like locals.


We provide all you need for your smoke sauna evening. If you want, you can take your swimming suits or pants with you. If you need help with transports, please contact us.

Our co-operation company offers catering services available:
Order the foods and they bring them to Dugout as ordered.




Mahtava retki! Milloin vaan uudestaan❤❤


Alku jännityksen jälkeen aivan mahtava kokemus! Tainalle kiitokset hyvästä opetuksesta. Ihana paikka, kiitos Sisko!


Hyvä retki, lähtisin toistekin! Alussa meni suhteellisesti paljon aikaa turvallisuuteen ja varusteiden esittelyihin ennenkuin päästiin vesille, mutta mukana oli ensikertalainen eli oli ymmärrettävää. Opin itsekin paljon uutta.


Erittäin opettavainen, mukava, hyvin järjestetty ja onnistunut melontaretki.

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