Walk with me!

Experience the old town of Porvoo with a local!

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
3 hours
8 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Experience the second oldest town of Finland with a local. I´ll show you the best sights, the most scenic views. I know people, so we never know who we will meet.
I take you to sights according to your interests and preferences:
- A nature stroll along the river banks of Porvoo or to the old castle hill
-Finnish history in a nutshell from Vikings to everyday life today.
-Foodie walk
-Home visit- to my private home, for a cup of coffee or a drink
It is your choice!
Additional cost for entrances in museums, för food and drinks.

About Birgitta - the Doer

I have worked in tourism business all my life and I am very interested in history, in art and culture and in PEOPLE. I know "everyone" in Porvoo and during my walks we may stop for short chats with the locals.
Meeting people and introducing them to my home town and our way of living is my passion.


The walk is short, max 2 km. Take comfortable shoes, because of our cobble stoned streets.




Thank you birgitta for unforgettable experience. The history became alive with you. We really enjoyed the tour and the surprises you provided. cheers. Teemu
Birgitta Birgitta Thank you for your nice review. Hope to see you again in Porvoo .




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