Sentences and spells

A stroll rich with stories

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1.5 hours
15 spots per experience
May - November

What are we going to do

A woman is burned alive and a man working in a rusthåll murders his wife. Medieval Porvoo's alleys hide gloomy events and dreary human faiths.

A fox barked hoarsely and a black woodpecker flew into the yard. People read these prophecies, were afraid and waited. A green-eyed enemy arrived and burned down the town. Moonlight brought madness and the touch of a troll made you grow cloven hoofs. Magic talismans rotated in the yards and naked women wrapped pieces of wafer in their hair.

These mysteries will be unveiled when we'll go around the church and the village of the dead, we'll visit even the former punishment square. Who might have been the last to be executed in Porvoo?

Check out the lesser known history of Porvoo. Wonder the facts and laugh at the old beliefs. Be amazed at the legends and ghosts. These you will not hear on a basic tour.

About IDA - the Doer

The past has always fascinated me. What was the world view of our forbearers? What did they believe in? Unexplained experiences and traditional medicine were commonplace even in my childhood. I believe that we, the living, are not here alone and some people see more than the others. I want to open the curtains of the past momentarily by telling mysterious stories of the old Porvoo for you.


Please pay attention to proper clothing and that we move around the cobblestones.




Ida on tosi innostunut aiheestaan ja innostava opas! Erilainen ja tosi hauska tapa tutustua Porvoon vanhaan kaupunkiin.
IDA IDA Kiitos! Mahtavaa opastaa teemasta niin kiinnostunutta yleisöä. Ja Wanhan Porvoon kummituksetkin muistivat teitä yöllä! Tervetuloa uudelleen!


Mielenkiintoinen ja erilainen tapa lähestyä paikallishistoriaa. Pidin myös oppaan tavasta kertoa ja rytmittää tarinoita.




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