Shinrin Yoku naturetherapywalk

Connect with nature, guided walk

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours 30 minutes
15 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

We do not focus on learning any specific naturalist knowledge like plant names/species, instead we simply focus on nature through rich sensory experiences. During walk guide will assist you with series of invitations to slow down and awaken your senses. End of the walk we enjoy the tea ceremony with light snack.

About Mari - the Doer

I am certified Shinrin Yoku forest therapy guide. I have always loved nature but with these walks the connection with nature comes more genuine. I am happy to share these tips to enjoy nature.


Clothing according to the weather. This slow walk is suitable for everyone. Walking distance is 2km.


Mari is warm, open and inspiring human. I believe her exceptional abilities and charming personality make her the perfect guide for Shinrin Yoku nature walks and much more. She is a delightful guide full of important information for those of us who want to enjoy the nature in it’s fullest. Everyone should experince this at least once in a lifetime.
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