Nature walk in Porvoo

Nature walk experience

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour
6 spots per experience
June - July
Regular price: 30 €
Children: 15 €

What are we going to do

We will take a walking tour in the nature. You can choose between a walk in Sikosaari nature reserve or Maari and Linnamäki (castle hill).
The walk is refreshing and gives insights to the local nature with its flora and fauna.

About Liisa W - the Doer

I am an authorized Porvoo guide and a lecturer by profession. Art, outdoors and food are my passion and I wish to share experiences and stories of my home town. I also want to show my favourite places in the nature.
The nature is an essential part of Finnish life.
Porvoo offers wonderful nature experiences. Nature visits are said to enhance well being.


Wear good shoes and clothes suited to ligth exercise. Take also a bottle of water with you. We will not run or climb a mountain. It is a good idea to take an umbrella or a parka with you in case of rain.
The walk is easy and does not require top condition. However, there will be some steep climbs and steps in Linnamäki (Castle hill) and we will climb to a bird watching tower in Sikosaari.




Liisan retkellä oli kiva ja leppoisa tunnelma eikä sadesääkään haitannut. Kiitokset koko porukaltamme ja lämmin suositus!

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