Kayaking in Porvoo archipelago

Experience the historical sawmill village on the water

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
10 spots per experience
May - September
Regular price: 35 €
Children: 20 €

What are we going to do

Hamari is a 400 year old picturesque seaside village located 4 km from Porvoo Old Town. Fishing, ship building and sawmill have been the main breadwinners for the up to 1 000 villagers.

Established in 1870 by August Eklöf, Hamari sawmill produced timber products for international markets for over 70 years. The small islands where the sawmill was located have been abandoned since 1957 and nature has taken over.

We will kayak around the beautiful islands and I will tell you facts and tales of the times past: lost ocean ships, eternal hell fire, islands from different worlds among other things.

The sit on top-kayaks are suitable for beginners and children. Children aged 6-14 can paddle on a double kayak together with an adult for discounted price of 20 euros. Children younger than 6 years can sit in between two adults on a double kayak for free (bring your own lifevest for small children). Weight limit for double kayak is app. 180 kg.

You can reach Hamari by citybike (the ride over is beautful), car, bus or even tourist boat from the Porvoo harbour.

About Milla - the Doer

This village has always been magical to me: the history, the sea, the people. I was lucky enough to move here three years ago and haven't stopped being on a vacation since. I study the village history a lot and most of my free time is spent at the sea. It would be very selfish of me not to invite other people to experience the magic of Hamari-bubble.


Must haves:

Weather appropriate clothes. You will get a bit wet on the sit on top-kayak. Your pants should be quick drying, waterproof or you should have extra pair of pants for the ride home.
Water bottle
A waterproof plastic bag for your valuables (I can also loan you one).
Shoes that don't mind getting wet: sandals, wellingtons etc.

Good to have:

A hat
Sun glasses
Gloves (no cotton, work or gardening gloves work well)
Extra clothes




Kivaa ja jännää! Ihana tyyli kertoa historiaa. Ilma vielä kruunasi retken, kesä on täällä!
Milla Milla Kiitos! Tämän ryhmän kanssa oli ilo aloittaa kesä :)


Thank you, Milla! Everything was easy & safety with your guiding! Daughter did like a lot!


Kiva retki ja mukavasti paikallishistoriaa. Pidin kovasti.Kiitos Milla ❤️


Hei, oli oikein mukava ja rento retki.
Tykättiin molemmat erittäin paljon. Suosittelen kyllä varmasti tätä tutuille.


Milla otti meidä kierrokselle vaikka olin varannut ajan väärälle päivälle. Hän pelasti meidän päivän. Kierros oli ihana ja suosittelen sitä kaikille. Milla otti hienosti huomioon viittomakielisen isäni <3
Milla Milla Tämä retki oli ilo minullekin, toivottavasti nähdään taas :)

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