Fascinating Old Porvoo Walk with a local

Stroll along the pastel-colored allies of Old Porvoo

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
10 spots per experience
30€ / person
10€ / children
25€ / students

What are we going to do

Let's wander along the beautiful alleys in the fascinating Old Porvoo and also drop in a selected cafe, too. You will hear stories of this paste-colored little wooden village so rich in cultural heritage.

The route includes Old City Hall Square, quarters that used to belong to the poorest, but are these days restored and some of most beautiful living areas in the town. Porvoo Cathedral, Old Bridge and Riverside, Red Shore Houses, and tips for shopping, food and best beer, too. We will drop by a nice cafe for a snack (unfortunately not included in the price).

Let me know your interests and I will plan the visit to meet your wishes. We can also add a beautiful hiking path by the river.

Old Porvoo is inhabited by about 800 people and has some distinguished restaurants, cafes, chocolate and design shops and also offers beautiful accommodation options, so why not extend your visit?

About Outi - the Doer

I live in Porvoo and love it! My aim is to give you an experience that you will remember. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will meet nice local people. Porvoo is visually so beautiful, so you will have enough time for photos, too.


In rain and wintertime the ground can be slippery and there are some hills, too. So good walking shoes are recommended. We can adjust the route according to your wishes.

If the temperature is below -15 Celsius, it is ok to cancel. In Finland, we have this saying: there is no bad wheather, just bad gearing:) We can also have some hot drinks along the way to keep you warm. In the summer, the temperature is usually over 15 Celsius.

If you want to buy something, credit and debit cards are widely accepted in Finland.

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