Old Porvoo by walking

Walk and talk about Porvoo crime novels.

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish
1.5 hours
15 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Jump in Old Porvoo from the different perspective than normal.
Walk with me, the crime novelist, and experience Old Porvoo through my books.
I´ll tell also about the interesting history of Porvoo.
You can ask questions about writing process. My crime books are categorized as cozy crimes, so you won´t be afraid to participate to.

About Jaana - the Doer

I am Porvoo-guide and also professional writer, crime novelist and teacher. My passions are writing, reading, thrill, art, history and of course people today and past.
Porvoo is my hometown and I love to show it to other people.


The route is 1-2km and it is not suitable for little kids and disabled person because the streets are made by cobblestone and there are some very steep streets.
Put on comfortable shoes and take along umbrella if the weather forecast promises rain.

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