Experience sauna and cottage life by the sea

Porvoo, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
5 hours
4 spots per experience
August - September

What are we going to do

After 30 minutes drive by my car from Porvoo to Tirmo and 5 minutes ferry trip over to island of Pellinki, we arrive to our summer cottage . No electricity, no indoor closet, no running water.. WHAAAT? No problem folks, totally normal in Finland cottage environment:) We bring us with our drinking water, we pick up the sauna/cooking water from a dwell next to cottage, we make a fire or use gas grill to prepare our food, we do have a solar system to get electricity AND finally.. we do have a very clean outdoor closet :) Come and enjoy Finnish sauna, swimming & light lunch in a beautiful seaside spot in Porvoo archipelago.

About Tiinakaisa - the Doer

During my 25 years living abroad round the Europe the thing I missed most was the Finnish summer cottaging. Summer 2007 we were spending some summer days at a friends cottage in Pellinki and fell in love with the area. And luckily the year after we managed to find a rental place of our own, and have been since then spent all our summers and even many winters here in the lovely Porvoo archipelago, Pellinki.


Comfortable shoes as rounded by a forest, sometimes can be more windy by the sea than in the city so light jacket/pullover good to have.

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