Enjoy and relax in a tree tent

Enjoy and relax at the tree tent

Petäjävesi, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
1 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

When arriving to our farm with your group (2 adults + 2 kids OR 3 adults) , follow the instructions to the forest. By the campfire you will find a basked filled with food from our farm. Nearby you will find a Tentsile tent. Take time for yourself and relax at the tent. Listen to the sound of spring in Finnish forest.

Service is for three adults OR for two adults and 2 kids. Welcome and relax! Please notice that members of the group must be from the same household. #staysafe

Price is for the whole group!

About Hakamaan lammastila - the Doer

I love natural food. Environmentally friendly production and animal welfare are close to my heart. Finnish nature, outdoors life and silence give me strength and I want to share this with the world.


Outdoor clothes and good shoes




We had a great, relaxing afternoon with homemade snacks and sheep roaming in the forest around us. We are happy that we found this sweet place.


Mukava oli kesäisten pilvenhattaroiden alla makoilla ja kuunnella kuusten kuiskintaa. Koko perhe iloitsi myös tilan karvaisista asukkaista ja tietenkin myös kanoista. Perin ystävällinen, kotoisa meininki, josta jäi kaikille hyvä mieli.

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