Gear Inari fish and prepare for lunch!

Come and fish for your lunch!

Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Come and experience the unhurriedness of Lapland! You may see both reindeer and siperian jay in the yard. If you wish, you can take a boat with Petri - the owner of the place - to experience fishing nets from Lake Inari. Process the resulting fish and prepare it for lunch. The fish is smoked with open fire and there is also local potatoes and barley grits. Enjoy a leisurely lunch enjoying the beautiful nature.
You will need rubber boots, other equipment can be found here.

About Virve Lyhty, Kädentaitojen ohjaaja - the Doer

I am handicraft director and artisan who changed the field from customer service to handmade. I am delighted when the course student is immersed in the world of doing things and is exited to try something new! I am also a natural friends and hobbies with my husband and friends together fishing and cottage life Partakko, Inari.


You will need rubber boots, warm clothes and open mind, other equipment can be found here.




Olipas oikein terapeuttinen kurssi makramesolmeilun parissa. Opettajalle, Virve Lyhdylle Suuret Kiitokset👏. Jatkokurssi odotellessa 😀