Walking or/& biking sightseeing, to off the beat Paris

Street Art to Louvre passing by the best chcocolats shops &

Available in English, French and Italian
2 hours
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Tailored sightseeing or museums visits within Paris. Well known museum as such the Louvre & D'orsay, as much my favorites ones, that only a local art lover knows. If you are a foody, I can take you to several places to go from a hot chocolat to French pastries! You want to have a bike ride in Paris without stopping all the time to look at your phone for directions? we can have tailored as well for what you want see the most!

About Andréia - the Doer

A citizen of the world, have lived in Rome, New York, São Paulo and Paris for the last ten years, an art and museum geek, a gourmand or foody by nature!


Confortable/flat shoes are a must. It's a Paris discoreving by walking or riding a bike. A bottle of water is always handy ; )