French Craft Beer Tour

Try the best brews made in France by independent breweries

Available in English and French
2 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Craft beer is becoming a big thing all around the world, and French people are also starting to be experts in brewing the best beverages, using their creativity and traditions to a exceptional result!
So wether you are a social beer lover or a real geek, this tour is going to be a nice opportunity to understand the craft beer scene in Paris, try delicious brews and explore a cool neighborhood where the locals live.

Included: 4 samples of different craft beers
3 stops in different places
2 hours in a cool neighborhood of Paris where you can go out afterwards.

About Clémentine - the Doer

I am a foodie first, and I like drinking and eating good quality products. I studied gastronomy sciences after travelling around the world for a little while. I studied for 6 months in Tampere, Finland, and then spent a year over in Australia. I was missing Paris and especially the French food so now I am back to share my favorite places with travelers :)




Thank you, Clèm, for the excellent chocolate and pastry tour! We had so much fun learning about how each item was made and the history of the area! You're the best!