A dream proposal in romantic Paris

Ask your loved one to marry you in Paris!

Available in Finnish, English and French
2 hours
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We will meet up online on in person beforehand to plan the proposal of your - and your future spouse's - dreams in lovely Paris.
On the day of your proposal I will set the stage with another Doerz Paris specialist Sami for you and your loved one: music, decorations, drinks and we will - if you wish - film the proposal (and later edit the film) so that you can keep this lovely memory forever - and/or share it with family and friends. We can also help in preparing a text / speech / poem to your loved one for this special day.

About Kira - the Doer

Finnish author and scriptwriter living in Paris since 1997 I know Paris very well and have lots of imagination to help you make your visit a true delight.


Your future spouse. True love. Commitment.