A taste of the archipelago – Pargas Port cycling daytrip

Explore the islands by bike, local food and beaches

Parainen, Finland
Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and German
6 hours
10 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

This is a self-guided tour. Hire your bike in Pargas

Cycle through peaceful archipelago countryside enjoying the sea breeze, views from bridges and a short ferry crossing. A 52km day trip from Pargas town centre to Pargas Port.

Experience the archipelago on peaceful roads as a round trip from Pargas town center. There are plenty of beaches on the way and lovely sea views.

If you arrive in Pargas by car, bus or boat, you can rent bikes from the adventure golf course in the central park or from Solliden campsite.

Fill a picnic basket with local produce to eat on the way and eat a tasty lunch from the restaurants at Pargas Port or Sattmark Cafe. There is a summer kiosk at the Våno ferry pier.

This tour is also a suitable day trip from Turku using the local bus service.

Take a towel and stop at one of the beaches along the way.

Download maps, turn-by turn directions and more information: http://visitpargas.fi/outdoor/index-en.html#ipd=30057589

About St Olav Waterway - the Doer

This is an easy way to get a taste of the archipelago with one ferry crossing in one day. Bikes can be rented from Pargas center.


The tour can easily be shortened by only choosing part of the route. Take water and snacks with you.