Sailing with a Traditional wooden boat

Enjoy our unique islands by sailing on a traditional boat

Parainen, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
3 hours
12 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

NOTE !!! Due to COVID-19 we are limiting the event to families only i.e. all persons must be related or to live in the same household or a group of friends who are known to each others !!! The price as shown is for the whole boat not per person.

We offer an unique way of enojying the great outdoors and islands with our experienced Captain and his crew. Our home-base is in Nauvo. You can also check our website for the fixed program and calender.

About Sami - the Doer

Storbåt Tacksamheten is a replica of the working boats of the island region in the 19th century. The boat has been built using traditional methods and materials. All trips are planned with safety and environment in mind. The boat was first launched in the spring of 2017.


The boat has a full galley and WC. We have an operating license and insurance to cover the whole coastal region of Finland. You do not need any previous sailing experience.




Tämä on ihana vene ! Purjehdusretkestä Nauvosta nautti Tiina & Markku


Это была афигенная поездка!! Спасибо моим подругам, которые огранизовали это маленькое путешествие вогруг финских острвыов!! И спасибо нашему капитану за приятную компанию, интересную информацию и за безопасную доставку :)


Kiitokset Samille ja reippaalle kansi pojalle! Purjehdusreissu oli mukava ja rentouttava kokemus ja keli mitä parhain! Veneen tarina oli mielenkiintoinen kuulla.
Oikein hyvää kesän jakoa ja suotuisia tuulia 🌞⛵
Kiittäen Reeta & Kasper
Sami Sami Kiitos teille, kun tulitte oikein ulkomailta (Tampere) saaristoon !! Mukavaa kesän jatkoa. -Sami & Kansimies Max


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