From Hotel Stallbacken Nagu to Korpoström with speedboat

Boat transportation from Hotel Stallbacken to Korpoström

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and German
30 minutes
7 spots per experience
May - September

What are we going to do

The route from Nagu, Grännäs via Korpoström is a traditional route which the Sailing Yachts used in the second half of the 19th century when they after the winter pause in the spring went out on the open sea again. During this experience we will transport you and your company, along the traditional sailing route, with a Buster Magnum Speedboat from our Hotel Stallbacken Nagu to the next archipelago trail Island Korpo. You can either stay in Korpoström from where you can continue your journey or just have an Icecream or coffee pause on the pier and return back to Hotel Stallbacken with the skipper. The speed will partly be over 50 km per hour and we will see beautiful inner archipelago Islands as well as a intriguing bird life without going out on open waters.

About Mikael - the Doer

I am the 8th generation from the Granqvist family manageing the Grännäs Farm. I have been travelling with a boatin the archipelago my whole life and I love it. Today I also run the Hotel Stallbacken Nagu hotel with 13 classy and cosy country style rooms. The hotel was established in the old stone barn of the farm in 2008. Se more on


Minimi groupsize is 2 persons excluding the skipper. If you bring bicycles with you, we can only take 4 persons on this trip. You should also where sneakers or other comfortable shoes on the boat.