Midnight paddling

Paddle and experience the midnight sun with a bonfire

Parainen, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
3 hours
2 spots per experience
80€ / person
60€ / children
60€ / students

What are we going to do

We are paddling a tandem kayak around the archipelago of Parainen and watching the festivities of Midsummer Eve.

About Myötätuuli OY - the Doer

Myötätuuli Oy designs and manufactures Avalon kayaks.
Hannu has paddled since 1956 in rivers, lakes, Seas and has made many tours with kayak in the wilderness like in Alaska. Paddling guide.


No alcohol drinking. Take change clothes with you, and shoes with which you can step into the water.
A valid insurance that covers leisure activities abroad is also needed.
If that time is raining, no paddling.
If wind is more than 8 m/second, no paddling