Local food with locals

Local food with the locals

Parainen, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
2.5 hours
10 spots per experience
May - December
49€ / person
49€ / children
49€ / students

What are we going to do

This you can only experience on Thursdays May to December.
We prepare some parts of the dinner together and we eat the whole dinner together.
Joy of food & life!

About Eva - the Doer

I am born and grown up i Parainen surrounded by food a loving family and friends.
My grandfather was a gardner, my grandmother prepared the vegetables he grew. And as we lived and still live by the sea fresh fish was always on the table. All this passed on to my mother and from her to me. I have no garden myself, but use locally grown vegetables of the season as well as fresh fish from a local fisherman family. What I have brought to our food traditions is cheese making. Therefore we usually have cheese on the table.

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