Guided tour at Seili

Guided tour at the island of Seili

Parainen, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour 30 minutes
30 spots per experience
May - September

What are we going to do

Let our guide take You to a memorable trip into the fascinating history, beautiful nature, captivating museum church and the work of the Archipelago Research Institute at the island of Seili.
The tour is about 1 km walk and the terrain is mostly free from difficulty or obstacles. There are a few steps at the church.

About Visit Seili - the Doer

Seili is known for its history as home to Finland’s best-known leper hospital and mental asylum in the 1600s and 1700s. Seili church and surrounding graveyard still remind of the destinies of Seili’s patients.

The mentally ill were treated on Seili until 1960s, when the former asylum was converted for the use of the Archipelago Research Institute, Centre for Environmental Research of the University of Turku.

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