Rent a canoe

Get familiar with Oulu by renting a canoe

Oulu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
4 hours
50 spots per experience
June - October

What are we going to do

Oulu river delta and sea - that is something you have to experience. Rent a canoe for 4 hours and get familiar to Oulu by water. You will see a number of interesting sights and may be surprised by the wonders of wilderness and how near the city they actually are. Mustasalmi canal goes through historical Hietasaari villa area and takes you to the sea and Nallikari beach.

Canoeing is easy and suitable for everyone. Families, couples and friends - what a great way to enjoy city and nature!

Rental duration 4 hours incl. indian canoe, paddle, safety west. Canoes are located in Vauhtipuisto, Hietasaari and are rentable between 11-19 o'clock (1.6.-31.10.).

About Oulu Safaris - the Doer

Oulu Safaris has a long history providing unforgettable adventures in Oulu area year around.
Our activities are the most popular adventures in the area. Professional guides will lead you safely to activities in english and in finnish. All the equipment needed to programmes are included and we will take a good care of our visitors




Very wonderful experience


the scenery is particular beautiful and the event is so exciting. I really recommend everyone to join.