Nightless night canoeing

Experince bright nights of Oulu from the sea and river delta

Oulu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
50 spots per experience
June - August

What are we going to do

This night-time canoeing trip will give you an opportunity to get to know the city of Oulu and the Oulujoki river delta seen from the water. Along the canoeing route, you will see a number of interesting sights and may be surprised by the wonders of wilderness and how near the city they actually are.

Enjoy the silence and the light nightless night! We set out on our journey in Indian canoes and we will be moving on pleasantly at a low pace. The journey distance will be about 2-5 km. Our experienced and well-trained guide will see to your safety on this trip.

PAddling with indian canoes is easy! No need to have former experince, our guides will teach you how to paddle. Minimum age 7 with parents.
Price includes life-jackets, canoes and paddle.

This canoeing trip is suitable for people who enjoy being outdoors and have swimming skills and a fairly good condition. Children are welcome to participate accompanied by their parents.

Departure from Vauhtipuisto.
Quaranteed departure demands minimum two persons.

About Oulu Safaris - the Doer

Oulu Safaris has a long history providing unforgettable adventures in Oulu area year around.
Our activities are the most popular adventures in the area. Professional guides will lead you safely to activities in english and in finnish. All the equipment needed to programmes are included and we will take a good care of our visitors.


Age limit 7




This experience was super fun. Competent guides and amazing views!