Hilarious Murder Mystery

A hilarious role play, great fun for groups!

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
25 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Murder mystery is an exciting and deathly fun adventure activity for a group of at least 15 persons. It is perfect for team days or parties, staff events, teambuilding, comic relief after a meeting day and for private events. During the murder mystery you will learn new things about your friends and get creative!

Mafia murder mystery, taking place in 1920’s Chicago at Vito's Bets& Bookings club opening, can be carried out in English. The activity can be performed in many different places, and we recommend that you book the activity 2 to 3 weeks before your event.

The price is 85 €/ person for groups under 25 persons. For bigger groups, ask for a quote. The price for the adventure activity covers casting and script for every character, and a professional to run the event – a complete service.

Murder mystery is an exciting and unforgettable common experience that will be talked about happily for a long time afterwards.

The murder mystery service in the Oulu region is offered exclusively by Konffa event services.

Contact and bookings:
Phone: +358 (0)10 2926 500

About Konffa - the Doer

Konffa is a local event management company that has exclusive rights for organizing Murder Mysteries in Oulu region.


You do not need to prepare yourself in any way, but shoud you have some costume, hats or other suitable clothing for your role.
At the beginning of the Murder Mystery each participant gets some role properties.

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