Snowshoe rental

Experience the beautiful winter scenery of Oulu by snowshoei

Oulu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
24 hours
6 spots per experience
November - April

What are we going to do

Independent snowshoeing with trail suggestions and maps provided by professionals enables an unforgettable experience in wintery Oulu.

Go on a trip with family or friends. Our professional guides provide you with high-quality and beginner friendly equipment that can be picked up from either Kaukovainio or Rannanperä in Oulu. Along the pickup you'll also get a demonstration on how to use the gear. In order to prevent a sense of horry the equipment can be returned on the next day. This way it's also possible to go on a trip during evening or night time.

In Oulu there are diverse destinations for snowshoeing such as Pilpasuo, Sanginsuu and Hietasaari all of which also feature sites for campfires. Our service includes maps which can either be sent to your smart phone or handed out as laminated prints.

As additional service you can also buy firewood and rent headlamps and a sledge for tugging hiking gear.

About Finnaction - the Doer

Finnaction is a Finnish company concentrating on travel services around the city of Oulu. We are especially proud of the spectacular nature of Northern Finland and we welcome each and every one to experience it first hand. Our main services are high-class guided open water fishing and ice fishing trips as well as kayaking, fatbike safaris and other nature experiences.




Really good finnish experience!
We have learned how to do ice fishing and we have enjoyed It. Good time with Jarkko, very good guide and nice!
We have caught some fishes😉


Kaikki oli aivan täydellistä!