Koomikko Tommi Ylimäinen puutarhakeikalle

Yksityinen stand up-keikka!

Oulu, Finland
Available in Finnish
30 minutes
50 spots per experience
June - October

What are we going to do

Tommi Ylimäinen on omalaatuinen yhdistelmä suoraa puhetta, kemiläistä asennetta ja terävää havannointia, joka saa yleisössä aikaan pidättelemätöntä naurua!
Tilaa Tommi juhlaanne Oulun seudulla (max 200 km Oulusta). Keikan kesto 25-30 min.
Hinta alkaen 600 €/keikka.
Tämä tarjoushinta vain yksityishenkilöille, ei yrityksille eikä jälleenmyyjille.
Keikat myy Ohjelmatoimisto Go Arctic Live: info@goarctic.fi
Kysy meiltä lisää!

About Go Arctic Events - the Doer

We are a company for tourism and corporate events in Oulu, led by two women entrepreneurs. We are focused on producing corporate and public events and managing the travel arrangements of international tourist groups. An important part of our company is the program agency Go Arctic Live, which broadcasts performers at parties and events all over Finland. Our main business area is the Oulu region.
Koiteli, located north of Oulu, is a place dear to us - we have a sauna and experience accommodation at Koiteli Koskikippari. Koiteli Tunnelmatupa serves customers as a summer café and you can also find an ice cream kiosk! Our work is guided by the genuine need of the client and our desire to fulfill wishes. We invest in professional and warm-hearted service.
With warm regards,
Sirpa and Kirsi

P.S. Our website can be found at www.goarctic.fi and www.goarcticlive.fi, as well as at www.koitelinkoskikippari.fi, which opens in June 2020. You can contact us by phone on 08 415 277 70 and by e-mail at info@goarctic.fi.

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