Kipponit Summer Camp

A fun day getting to know and care for ponies

Oulu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
5 spots per experience
June - July

What are we going to do

Kippons summer camp

The camp day starts at 9 am and ends at 2.30 pm

The camp day is aimed at girls and boys aged 5-11.

During the camp day:

-We help Takku magic pony to find different magic herbs in the fairytale forest
-We take care of the Kippons
-We go horseback riding
-We get to know the different activities of the stable
-We played Kippons in the village
-We craft nice memories of the Kippons camp day
-We eat lunch

About Kipponit Satumetsäretki - the Doer

Based on customer feedback, we have managed to create something completely new, miraculous and magical that detaches both children and adults from the hustle and bustle of the mobile world and appropriately takes them back to the wonderful world of nature, animals and experiences. Our service highly values ​​respect for nature, Finnish craftsmanship, meticulous refinement of things and contemplation to the end, as well as interesting stories. We work for the love of children, horses, nature and the limitlessness of the imagination, the appropriate madness!

Background Troops:
"The Kippons are very personal and have completely conquered our hearts! We treat them with love and professionalism!"
The well-being of the kippons is taken care of by Stall Saarinen Oy, run by professionals in the horse industry. Tiia-Liisa Saarinen, a showjumping rider, professional horse trainer and show jumping sport coach, is responsible for Stall Saarinen's activities with his husband Sami Saarinen.

Little Kippon village is full of joy and love and there everyone can make their dreams come true, whatever they may be! In the village, children can play and solve small tasks. The village also has a café and a campfire where you can fry sausages and eat a snack.

Come and see what the Takku´s magic cottage is like or Pikku-Siipi's small garden. What kind of cottages do other Kippons have? It will be overcome by visiting Kippon Village!


The camp is aimed at children aged 5-11. Campers are not insured on behalf of the stable. Our operations have liability insurance. We are dealing with real ponies. Food allergies must be reported in advance to




Oli ihana retki, lapset olivat innoissaan, tullaan ehdottomasti myös uudestaan:)


Ihana saturetki ja maastoratsastus niin ehti katsella ympärilleen. Ponit superkilttejä niin Roosa ei malttaisi kotiin lähteä. Parasta lopuksi ponin talutus. Superihanat mökit portilla.


Ihana paikka ja retki! Ponit supersöpöjä. Ollaan useamman kerran käyty ja aivan varmasti tullaan jälleen uudestaan :)


Hirmuisen kiva paikka, tullaan uudestaan!