Kayaking trip to River Oulu delta

Kayaking in beautiful river delta scenery

Oulu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
9 spots per experience
May - August

What are we going to do

The Finnaction kayaking trip to River Oulu delta begins at The Police Statue of Oulu Market Square. In the beginning we’ll teach the basics of kayaking and go carefully through the safety features. The trip is lead by a trained and experienced instructor and carried out with single seated kayaks.

The delta of Oulu River is a diverse paddling location providing both cultural and natural scenery as well as a unique perspective on the city of Oulu. We can for example visit the naturally beautiful Mustasalmi, Toppilansalmi or Kahvila Poiju (cafe).

About Finnaction - the Doer

Finnaction is a Finnish company concentrating on travel services around the city of Oulu. We are especially proud of the spectacular nature of Northern Finland and we welcome each and every one to experience it first hand. Our main services are high-class guided open water fishing and ice fishing trips as well as kayaking, fatbike safaris and other nature experiences.


Please prepare yourself according to weateher with outdoor clothing as well as shoes that can get slightly wet.




Really good finnish experience!
We have learned how to do ice fishing and we have enjoyed It. Good time with Jarkko, very good guide and nice!
We have caught some fishes😉


Kaikki oli aivan täydellistä!