Escape game

Want to play unique escape game? Welcome to Liminka!

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
12 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Welcome to this very same building that used to had also russian prisoner of war. Long time ago hired man named Alpo died in this building. Now it has come time when you and your crew needs to find out what happened to him. You have 75 minutes.

The game is located in Liminka, about 15 minutes drive from Oulu.

3-4 persons 120e
5-6 per 140e
7-8 per 160e
9-10 per 180e
11-12 per 200e

This game is semi difficult.
Game is suitable for 3-12 persons at the time.
Children are welcome when adults present. Under 8 years old can play free.

About Pitojen Helmi - the Doer

The roots of the Pietilä farm in Liminka, Ala-Temmes, reach to the 18th century. The farm were once a Guesthouse, which served passing horsemen, offering them food and lodging. Later, the farm has also had a shop serving the villagers, which ceased operations in the 1940s. The farm has been agricultural since the beginning for more than 200 years. The current host couple is the 7th generation of the Pietilä farm. The farm has continued to operate in its current form since 1991, when farm tourism and food service activities were established on the farm. The farm utilizes nearby ingredients and local food. Our service extends from catering to family parties as well as conference and recreation days.


Team work, humor, and logic.

The game is not untrammeled.