A tour of a real ghost house

Come think stories about a real ghost house!

Available in Finnish
1 hour
15 spots per experience
Regular price: 20 €
Children: 14 €

What are we going to do

In a real ghost house, you will be entertained, you will laugh and feel fearless hearing true stories told by a genuine ghost expert. Outdoors, you are able to create an overview of the ghosts, spooks and shadows of Kakaravaara, which are all called ghosts. Inside the Genuine Ghost House, you peek into either corner (can cause tremors) and descend into a low dungeon (can cause even more tremors). Along the way you will get to know a creative Finn, but do be careful...

Café Hanna’s colorful rag rugs and soft pillows will comfort you if your imagination has become too excited. A hand-twisted cup full of fragrant coffee will surely soothe if your imagination goes wild, your bones start to freeze, or your cheeks turn red. The freshly baked bun already makes you laugh at the stories of the Authentic Ghost House.

At the end, the secret of the Authentic Ghost House will be revealed.

The experience includes an experience tour, coffee and pulla or for children a juice and pulla.

Meeting point: in front of the railway station.

About Taito Pohjois-Pohjanmaa ry - the Doer

Taito Shop and Taito Skill Center is a non-profit Finnish handcraft organization of over 100 years. We focus on traditional skills such as rug weaving, knitting, punch needling, macramé and other textile arts. Our mission is to cultivate handcraft culture by offering courses to the public and by supporting local artisanship. Most importantly we want to share the joy that comes by working with your own hands.


Take a relaxed and curious mind with you.




Olipa mielenkiintoinen retki aidossa aavetalossa. Oli tosi mielenkiintoista kuulla tarinoita kaupungin vaiheista ja samalla henkilöiden elämäntarinoita. 5 tähteä ***** eli maksimi 👏


Mielenkiintoinen ja viihdyttävä kierros. Kiva katsaus myös historiaan.


Viihdyttävä kierros, suosittelen! :)


Kierros oli mielenkiintoinen ja mukaansatempaava. Vetäjä erityisen innostava ja hurmaava!


Oli tosi mielenkiintoista. Tiina oli hyvää.