Encaustic Art waxpainting cource

The course is painted with hot iron and beeswax.

Nurmijärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish
4 hours
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Encaustic Art is a method of beeswax painting with a hot encaustic iron. The wax paint is applied to the hot iron and the iron is ironed onto the paper. This method makes it easy to learn how to make cards, for example.
During the course, the technique is introduced and you can do many beeswax paintings.

About Ateljè Oceanborn Art - the Doer

There is a Galleria studio in Nurmijärvi's Perttula, where you can get to know and buy acrylic, oil and beeswax paintings by the local visual artist-art teacher Vicky Maaranen.

Come see the artist’s work and hear about the influential sources of inspiration in the work. Come and try the popular Encaustic Art wax painting method. Or you can come paint for our courses.

Vicky Maaranen
YAMK, Master of Fine Arts UAS
Art educators
Vedic Art teacher
vauvojen värikylpy® instructor

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