Airsoft game

Nurmijärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
30 minutes
60 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Airsoft is an exciting and sporty outdoor game. It has similar features to paintball, but with a few differences. First, the balls are 6mm in size, biodegradable, and don’t stain or hurt (terribly) when hit.
Airsoft equipment is usually copies of the right equipment and weapons, meaning really great looking.

There are many different game styles in the game itself. Often one batch is running for about 15-30min nonstop and when hit hits you can fetch a new life from the "respawn" station.

Our company has many different fields to play and lots of different weapons to rent. The weapons are copies of the originals that is very realistic. They are mostly electric-powered AEG weapons as well as pneumatic HPA weapons. Many weapons also have a recoil to increase realism. There are also a few propellant GBB pistols and a pair of spring-loaded Sniper rifles.

The maximum group size is 60 players (spring 2022) (the situation may change as we acquire more equipment. Ask!)

The rental set includes the following products:

Fully automatic airsoft gun (or sniper rifle + pistol)
Airsoft eye protection and lower face protection net or alternatively a paintball mask
Helmet or SWAT cap
Overalls or two-piece British Army Frogsuite off-road suit
Tactical gloves and belt
Tactical vest with drawer pocket
Desired number of biodegradable balls (At Vauhtifarm, we only play with balls purchased from the farm)

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