Dude energy

Battle between two teams

Nurmijärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Speed farm racing for "real" men. You play on two different teams in a message format. Measure as powerful as special. Attached to the result is a statement of what the race might entail:

-the rotation of the tractor tire

-tug of war

-bag running

-sled transport

-Finally, the farm's Army track is being towed

Appropriately fun and relative. a physical race where you have to blow one coal!


For a group that wants to sweat on the surface with a good workout. The guided driver training utilizes the tractor's massive tire and is always tailored to the group's fitness level.

Here is a taste ...

heating 10min

1. Tire flap

2. Tumbling of tires

3. Rise of the farmer

4. Jump support in the box

5. Triceps dip

6. Foot press

7. Push-up upside down

and so on.

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