Dogsledding Lieksa

Ride your own sled with a team of adorable & happy sleddogs

Nurmijärvi, Finland
Available in English
1 hour 30 minutes
4 spots per experience
December - April

What are we going to do

After giving you some informations about how to drive a sled, we will harness the dogs together and start on our ride. You will enjoy driving your own team through the white wilderness. Returning to the kennel, we are going to feed the dogs together, put off the harnesses and bring them back into their kennel. Having a look around and get in touch with the other dogs, you are also welcome to walk an older one of our dogs, if you like.

About Eräkeskus - the Doer

We are living and working on our farm, different tasks in spring, summer, autumn and winter
We love our dogs, to train them and to ride a team of sleddogs in winter time - and to be able to share this with guests. We would be happy to welcome you here!


Interested in dogs and outdoor activities. And of course, you need warm boots, a hat and a pair of gloves :-)




very cool experience, dogs are lovely, guides are patient, trails are very nice! Loved especially the parts on the lake, as that was most relaxing! In the forest it is more challenging with ups & downs, soft parts, trees etc. Great adventure!

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