BBQ and Sauna Night in a traditional Finnish cottage by the sea

Experience a true Finnish cottage evening with BBQ and sauna

Turku, Finland (Naantali)
Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
7 spots per experience
May - September
Regular price: 50 €
Children: 25 €

What are we going to do

Now is your chance to enjoy a true Finnish "mökki" experience. You will be picked up from Turku or Naantali around 06.00pm before we will head together to a Finnish grocery store to explore the beloved BBQ and beverage selection. After picking up the meal ingredients (at own cost) of the evening we will take 30-minute drive to our family cottage by the sea. Along the way we will enjoy some stunning views from the archipelago bridges.

Upon arrival we will introduce the cottage and its surroundings to you and you are welcome to use the facilities e.g. BBQ, games and fishing rods as you please. Together we will start the BBQ and prepare a feast! We will enjoy the meal on a terrace with a view over the sea.

After the meal it is sauna time so remember to bring your swimming suits (Finns do it naked though, just sayin'). After enjoying the warm "löyly" steam time the brave hearted have the chance to dip in the Baltic Sea! We promise the return to "löyly" and the feeling on your skin will be exquisite! This is the true way of Finnish relaxation.

After sauna time you will be transported back to your hotel either in Naantali or Turku around 11.00pm and we will say good bye for now.

About Joonas - the Doer

Joonas and Unna are two passionate travelers and professionals working on Tourism in their home town in Naantali. We love meeting new people and introducing our fun and a little bit crazy home country to our fellow-travelers. Our activities in Naantali and archipelago are easygoing and laid back experiences that are suitable for anyone who is interested in Finnish culture, traditions, archipelago nature and meeting with locals. We welcome you to Naantali and hope that we can be a part of making your holiday here truly memorable!


Going to a cottage by the sea is perhaps the best way to relax, unwind and enjoy the fleeting summer days in Finland. And I can't imagine who I'd rather do it with than Unna and Joonas who are both so much fun to be around.
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Me and my husband booked this BBQ and sauna night and we are so happy we did it! We are from Lapland and wanted to visit and experience the Finnish archipelago and this was definitely the best way - with local people in a right and traditional archipelago cottage! First we went to a supermarket and bought the ingredients we loved to barbeque. The hosts, Joonas and his wife were so lovely, charming, joyful and inspiring people so it was so enjoyable and easy to chill with them! While waiting that the food got ready, I went to the dock and had a wonderful little yoga time in the warm sunset and my husband fished and got a perch. Then we went to the lovely sauna and swimmed in the Baltic sea. Oh, we enjoyed this so much! An experince we couldn't otherwise have an opportunity to. We recommed it warmly to everyone, you will be so happy!
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I experienced the BBQ and Sauna Night traditional Finnish cottage by the sea and it was simply amazing! We started out by doing a BBQ -with lots of beer ;) and enjoying the view of the sea from the cottage. After the BBQ and chillaxing, it’s time for a nice sauna- so it’s Finnish tradition to do a sauna and then jump into the sea and repeat it again. Definitely something different from what I’ve experienced before. Not only we get to enjoy an awesome BBQ meal, the sauna helps blood circulation and jumping into the sea almost immediately helps remove dead skin. Not only a relaxing experience, but a healthy one too.
-mariane, Malaysia
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This mökki-experience is great! Fantastic location, true Finnish lifestyle!
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