A day walk at the Leivonmäki National Park

A relaxing walk while observing the surroundings.

Muurame, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
12 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

We will walk in peace, feeling the environment, observing, and learning new things. Let's go through the rights of every man to camping and nature in life. Let's refresh ourselves at the end of the trip with soot pot coffee while enjoying the lake view.

The tour starts in the southern part of the National Park at the Kirveslammi parking lot (space for about 10 cars). After the initial greeting, we will go to Kirveslammi and Luupää's tire tracks. On the way, we pass the swamp landscape and we encounter the last ridge formations and the beautiful lake views that open up. The most daring can climb to Kirveslammi's bird tower to admire the landscape that opens up over the marsh. So take your binoculars with you in your daypack!

The distance covered is approximately 3.9 km. The basic condition of the participants is sufficient, the route is mainly easy, it contains steeper ascents and descents, there are stones and rhizomes on the paths. The program includes a rest period of just under an hour to enjoy coffee and your own snacks. Participants must have weather-appropriate outdoor clothing, shoes suitable for the terrain and their own water bottle.

About Metsäntenho - the Doer

Let's slow down and step into the forest. You can feel the light filtering through the trees and the presence of the campfire. After an evergreen abundant bath, the mind is calm.

Metsäntenho organizes guided day trips, overnight hikes, camping and nature-themed courses, a program of work well-being and recreation days, as well as wild campfire meals and coffees. Companies, communities and private entities are welcome. Wilderness and nature guide Miia Björn is an entrepreneur, for whom walking in the forest and observing the natural environment is a way of life and an object of endless interest.

Whether you want a refreshing day trip with campfire coffee, challenging yourself while staying in a tent or something in between, a professional guide will organize your nature moments safely. Let's experience the magic of the forest together.


Participants must have weather-appropriate outdoor clothing, shoes suitable for the terrain, and their own water bottle. Participants can bring their own snacks to enjoy during the break.
Your own personal travel and accident insurance.

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