Cruise/tugboat M/S Toimi lake Näsijärvi

Come and enjoy a beautiful Lake Näsijärvi!

Mustalahti, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
12 spots per experience
May - December

What are we going to do

I offer experience cruises at Lake Näsijärvi built according to the customer's wishes!
In addition to the 100-year-old Toimi tugboat, you will be served on the experience cruise by Toimi's loyal staff and Captain Markku, who has a long and traditional history.

The price for the cruise is 500e, max 12 persons.

On an experience cruise, for example, it is possible for you to experience the real original wooden sauna at the prow of Toimi. You can also have a dip or swim directly after the sauna in the beautiful and clean Lake Näsijärvi. Even a large group can dine at the covered sturdy table on the back deck. If desired, there are also fishing opportunities.

For longer adventures, it is also possible to make a stop, for example, for berry picking or mushroom picking on the beautiful islands in Lake Näsijärvi.

Examples of our experience cruises:
- Dinner cruises
- Customer cruises
- Conference cruises
- Sauna cruises
- Birthday cruises
- Family cruises
- Bachelorette cruises

Come and refresh, gather and celebrate!
In the waves of Lake Näsijärvi and in the middle of nature, it is easy to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Please contact me so that we can plan an experience cruise on the beautiful Lake Näsijärvi which is designed just to match your wishes.

About Markku - the Doer

I am Markku the owner and a captain of the tugboat Toimi, which is more than a hundred years old. I have been a captain for Toimi for more than 30 years so that is also a reason why people around Lake Näsijärvi know me very well. I know the history of Lake Näsijärvi and its historical events very well. I would be happy to tell you about them if you wish. My father and grandfather have also once served as captains in Näsijärvi, and so I have heard stories about Näsijärvi since I was a little boy.

Boating on Lake Näsijärvi and its beautiful scenery is relaxing and wonderful. I really want to offer everyone the opportunity to experience something unique in Lake Näsijärvi and that is the reason why I offer experience cruises that are tailored exactly to the customer's needs and wishes so that everybody could have a opportunity to enjoy on the waves of Lake Näsijärvi.


Clothing according to the weather and the type of experience cruise!
Experience cruises are always arranged in advance by phone.

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