Munich's Ultimate Beer and Street Food Tour

Munich’s Ultimate Beer & Street Food Tour

Munich, Germany
Available in English
3 hours 30 minutes
15 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We start our beer extravaganza in the heart of Munich’s Marienplatz, where we are but a short walk to our first stop. Here we will sample one of Munich’s younger beers - and when we say ‘young beer’ in Munich, we mean the brewery is from the 19th century!

Pacing ourselves, we continue through the streets of the old city to Munich’s famous Orlandostrasse. Here you will embrace the night the way the locals do - by drinking a bottled-beer which was brewed in a nearby Bavarian city, and eating Germany’s favorite street food delicacy - the doener. Enjoy this local late-night meal, and have fun people watching on this always bustling thoroughfare.

After taking a quick stop to gawk at the world-famous Hofbrauhaus and learn about it’s important history in our city, we move onto dessert. Grab an ice cream cone to-go from the shop of a Bavarian Michelin-star caliber chef. Enjoy local flavors, such as marzipan and kaiserschmarrn, as we continue on our tour of the old city, passing by medieval castles, cathedrals and memorials dedicated to deceased pop stars. We make a strong finish, and unwind with our real dessert - a glass of strong beer from a little monastery just outside of Munich.

Brotzeit platter
Gourmet ice cream
3x 500ml Bavarian beers

Munich Old City
Alterhof Castle
Michael Jackson Memorial

About Fork & Walk - the Doer

At Fork & Walk Tours our passion and our standard is to deliver authentic foodie experiences the way the locals really experience them. Join us on our evening Beer and Street Food Tour and let us show you what Munich nightlife is really all about!


Comfortable clothing, shoes and rain gear dep. on weather